Fintech Startup Raises $1.5 Mln

A fintech company based in Bangkok has raised seed funding totalling $1.5 million, with contributors including K2 Venture Capital and Kejora Ventures.

MoneyTable’s product combines fintech, human resource management and security in a single platform, making it easier for employees to pick financial options more easily.

The company will use the money to grow its client base, targeting 1 million by the end of the year.


International Incubator Sets Up $5-Mln Fund in Vietnam

An international startup incubator, Innovatube, has set up a $5-million pre-seed fund to stimulate tech businesses in Southeast Asia and Vietnam in particular.

In exchange for the financial support, Innovatube will seek stakes of between 5 and 10% in the businesses.

The focus of the investors will be on virtual/augmented reality, fintech, blockchain, and the Internet of Things.


Brokerage Launches Insurtech Incubator

UK brokerage Worry + Peace has set up a business incubator targeting innovative insurance solutions providers.

The brokerage has teamed up with a tech company, Mohara, on the venture.

The partners will provide technological support and regulatory assistance to insurtech startups for an unlimited period.


20 Innovation-Inspiring Tips

Innovation is the buzzword of buzzwords but the actual application of the concept seems to not be as common as its use in ads, strategies and business plans.

One engineer, Glen Ebersole, offers businesses 20 tips to make innovation an actual part of their work.

Starting with a clear vision of how innovation will be adopted by the company, the tips go on to list the steps you need to take to implement the vision, and reminding you that it should be kept simple and fun to make it work.


Qualcomm Launches Accelerator in China

Qualcomm has set up a business accelerator for VR headset manufacturers in China as part of a strategy to expand into this segment.

The Head-Mounted Display Accelerator Program will provide successful candidates with access to Qualcomm’s supply chain partners and marketing assistance.

The focus on virtual reality is not exclusive, and manufacturers of augmented reality headsets are also welcome to the accelerator.


Russian Banks Set Up Fintech Accelerator

Four Russian banks have launched a Fintech Lab — an accelerator program seeking to help the development of new banking products and solutions.

The founders, AK Bars, VTB 24, Home Credit Bank, and S Petersburg Bank have enlisted the support of Accenture and MasterCard for the 12-week program.

Accenture is taking part as corporate sponsor and MasterCard is supplying its expertise in running fintech accelerators around the world.