Education Innovation Report

The education system in the U.S. has been declining for 30 years while the rest of the world has been advancing and surpassing the U.S.. This report looks closely at the cutting edge of education, examining project-based learning and technology high schools and their role in innovation clusters and sustained economic development.


Fogs of Uncertainty Article

Becoming visionary means looking past data, past what we know. Today’s chief executives are stuck in an uncertain realm between running the day-to-day operations of their companies and reshaping their organizations in the face of increasingly seismic and unpredictable changes in their industries. This white paper is a map to help CEOs navigate through fogs of uncertainty in their industries and markets.


Lean Startup for Enterprise

The emergence of Lean Startup has taught startups and established companies both that in order to survive, one has to be able to test market assumptions as quickly and cheaply as possible, to iterate through dozens of ideas until you find the one that clicks. Now even established companies like General Electric, Intuit, and PayPal are using Lean Startup thinking, joining the growing horde of relatively young, scrappy startups working out of cafes and co-working spaces all over Silicon Valley.

Lean Startup: The Most Revolutionary Idea Since SMED?