Google Tops Equity Investment List in Tech Industry

Google was the biggest tech investor in startup equity last year, followed by Microsoft and Amazon, far behind.

Google invested in 48 startups in 2016, twice as many as Microsoft and far ahead of Amazon, with its 11 startup equity investments last year.

Last year as a whole saw a spike in investment activity in the technology industry, despite the drop in large M&A deals.


Atlassian Founder Warns Australia Falling Behind with Innovation

Mike Cannon-Brookes, the co-founder of the top tech company in Australia, Atlassian, has warned the government that it needs to act on the threat of the digital revolution for thousands of jobs.

Cannon-Brookes said the country needed to adapt to the new economy by spurring an innovation drive that has been much talked about but never actually realized.

The government, which has allocated A$1.1 billion for the promotion of tech research and development over a four-year period, should act much faster, Atlassian’s founder also said.


Ontario Launches Tech Innovation Challenge

The government of Ontario is offering funding to small and medium-sized tech businesses in the form of a competition for solutions that will help the public service sector be more efficient.

Among the solutions sought is an automated way of calculating the number of people in vehicles on High Occupancy Toll lanes, and a system for identity verification when people apply for government programs.

The participants must employ fewer than 500 people and be based in the province to be eligible for the challenge.


IBM Co-Founds Calgary Accelerator

IBM has partnered with Canadian District Ventures to set up a business accelerator in Calgary, Alberta.

The District Ventures and IBM Innovation Space will offer young businesses mentorship, assistance and access to IBM technologies.

In addition, the partners will put participating companies in contact with larger corporations to develop mutually beneficial partnerships.


Indian Design-Focused Accelerator Opens Doors

An academic and two businessmen in India have launched a design-focused business accelerator targeting all businesses regardless of industry.

DesignGild was set up under the umbrella of the Maharashtra Institute of Technology where one of the founders is Dean of the Institute of Design and aims to offer mentorship to design-oriented companies.

Participants will get access to the expertise of design professionals as well as young talents, plus tech resources and funding.


Insurer Sets Up Insurtech Company

The founder of UK-based insurer Moorhouse Group has teamed up with The Apprentice winner Tim Campbell to set up an insurtech company.

Named Blockrox, the firm will target insurance providers, offering them blockchain-based solutions that enhance security and help bring down costs.

The firm is now looking to raise funding for the launch of a pilot version of its solution.