Cambridge Incubator Seeks Partner

Paragon Land, owner of the Stirling House Business Centre, is looking for a partner to help it run the incubator.

Stirling House, at the Cambridge Innovation Park, already accommodates some 40 businesses but is being expanded into one of the largest incubators in the UK.

According to Paragon, the future partner or partners can be either individuals or organization, as long as they have relevant connections and know-how in mentoring and incubator management.


Goldman Sachs Launches Free Accelerator Program

Goldman Sachs is inviting candidates for its four-month free business accelerator program targeting specifically UK companies.

According to the bank, the 100-hour program aims to help small companies unlock their potential in terms of growth and job creation.

Successful candidates will get to take part in workshops, one-on-one advice sessions, and meetings with professional experts.


Atlantic Canada Sprouts Incubators, Accelerators

The tiny part of Canada that is called Atlantic Canada has turned into a heaven for business accelerators and incubators.

There are to date more than a dozen such organizations, active in IT, bioscience, clean tech, and a number of other industries.

More than a hundred companies have already passed through these and more are on their way to benefit from what these accelerators offer this year.


Self-Driving Cars, Fake News, Wearables Mark CES Opening Day

The biggest tech show in the world, CES, opened with several keynote speeches addressing some of the most topical questions of today’s world.

The risks of immediate publishing — more specifically fake news — and how they affect advertising, and the growing importance of self-driving cars in the drive to a zero-emission world were among the topics of these first keynotes.

The organization behind CES, the Consumer Technology Association, said it will invest $1 million over the next five years to create better paying tech jobs in the US, in a bid to maintain the country’s #1 spot as innovative nation.


Lemonade Boasts Immediate Claims Payment

Insurtech company Lemonade, which has been getting a lot of attention lately, made headlines again by saying its claims bot had processed a claim in just three seconds.

The processing included review of the claim, cross-reference with the respective policy, running anti-fraud algorithms, approving it, and sending payment instructions to the bank.

To compare, Lemonade says, normally claims are processed over 30-45 days. The client whose claim was paid in 3 seconds confirmed the speed of service.


Design Thinking: a Tool for Generating Commitment

The usual way of generating commitment to a new idea involves paying disproportionately more attention to logic than to the emotional side of things, i.e., the emotional comfort this idea can offer.

The twist is that a new idea has no sufficient data behind it that proves its viability, so logic is not necessarily the best driver for idea implementation.

Enter intervention design, which pays equal attention to logic and emotions, providing decision-makers and other stakeholders with a useful tool to see any new idea from all sides, facilitating commitment to it.